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The Most Important Thing About the Core Story is YOU!


      The Core Story is a tool that helps map out the first 18 years of your life.  Your story is a powerful and sacred thing that we honor with compassion.  During the process, you will share your relational history, or your experiences and perceptions of your relationships, over the course of three generations. You will also share how you think your parents experienced their stories.  


      Every person has experienced hurt and trauma as a child. Unfortunately, children vividly record hurt and trauma but are ill-equipped to properly interpret what has happened.  When those unaddressed wounds are carried into adulthood, we often hurt others in the same manner we were hurt.  

      Using the Core Story, we can identify core wounds from your childhood that led to core lies you believed.  These lies continually and subconsciously drive how you show up in life today. Identifying your core wounds, renouncing core lies, and receiving core truths are critical to the healing process.  As a life coach, I have been trained to gently guide you through your Core Story, exploring the subconscious beliefs you formed as a child.  Once you better understand your past, you are able to more fully engage in the present and choose how to proceed in the future. An integrated life--a life where you can be fully honest and present in all areas of your life--is possible.

      Your story matters.  You matter.  And one of the most loving things you can do for yourself is to begin the healing process.

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