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Soon after becoming a parent, I began to get overwhelmed.  I had no clue how to be the dad I wanted to be.  Like most dads, I wanted to be a great dad by being involved in my kids' lives, helping them navigate through life and giving them the love and attention they need.  But there was a problem--I didn't have the skills I needed to parent them the way I wanted to parent them.


In recovery, I have been able to look back, using the Core Story tool and other methods, and see that I was repeating the same patterns I experienced in childhood.  As I have healed, I have learned how to communicate with my kids, be present in their lives, and help them learn to deal with their emotions.  I have learned how to process and deal with my own emotions which has helped me model emotional health in my family.  I have also learned how to make amends when I make mistakes, freeing my kids to make mistakes and modeling for them how to make amends. Recovery is not about perfection, it's about reconciling your relationships as a family.

You literally have the opportunity to change your family tree!  


As a Dad of seven, I am passionate about helping other dads be the Dad they want to be.  If parenting is one of those places that continues to be a struggle in your life, contact us today to setup a time to come in.  Your family needs a Dad who is present and engaged in all of life.  You are worth it!

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